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Maybe Will Smith was a little too busy with ‘Men in Black 3″ recently. According to Inquisitr, Will Smith has a hard time parenting his children. He said that it’s difficult to “emotionally manage” Jaden and Willow, who are just thirteen and eleven, respectively.

Well Jaden and Willow are just in their “tween” years–this is usually when the rebellion begins! And Jaden and Willow are already both busy with their Hollywood careers, so this doesn’t make things any easier. When Willow decided to cut all of her hair off for a ‘Whip My Hair’ record without really asking for daddy’s opinion, Will wasn’t too pleased.

Will, being a family man, is doing his best supporting his children as well. If Willow wants to learn ballet, then he’ll take her to ballet lessons. Some parents try to “pull back” from the teenage years, but Will and Jada agreed that they will continue to be active in their children’s lives–hopefully with some breathing space for them to grow!

How can Will Smith better manage his children? Be sure to post below!

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