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Uh oh, is there trouble in Kim Kardashian’s paradise?

According to Huffington Post, an Australian magazine claimed that Kim Kardashian has a pill addiction. Its proof? Apparently sister Khloe Kardashian found out and threatened Kim that she would tell their mom if she didn’t stop.

Kim flat-out rejected this claim, saying that this is “100% not true and completely ridiculous.” We know how ugly drug addictions can turn out, especially with the infamous death of Whitney Houston. Let’s really hope that Kim won’t be added onto the list.

Thankfully, a close friend of Kim claims that it’s “impossible” for Kim to be addicted to pills, according to Huffington Post. She hasn’t ever pulled a Lindsay-Lohan with the paparazzi catching her leaving clubs at an ungodly hour; instead, she’s been looking fabulous and happy, walking around with her latest beau Kanye West. It sure seems like Kim doesn’t have the slightest reason to be abusing herself with an overdose of drugs!

Do you think Kim is telling the truth? Be sure to post your thoughts below!

For more, check out Huffington Post here!

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