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Last night, Rihanna was one of the featured performances during the anticipated 2012 “American Idol” finale, alongside Idol alumni Fantasia, Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, and the OG of divas Chaka Khan. All of the fabulous women stepped out showing off their new looks and they were all putting in work! ...Cause it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right…

Rihanna has most definitely taken the crown for fashion’s top chameleon, it seems this girl’s look is forever evolving! Last night Barbadian princess channeled her inner Marley while performing her latest single “Where Have You Been,” and we could’t beweave it! She wore a black bikini-esque top with a maxi skirt with two open slits. WORK. She also tweeted a pic of herself in her Marley locks with the caption “Wake bake shake dem dreads.”

Of course being RiRi, these weren’t just any dreads. She had her new do up in a long pony tail with straight across bangs. Well danggg, is there a such thing as couture dreads?! Do I smell a new trend? *makes way to local hair store*

In case you missed it, check out her performance [and locks] below:

Rihanna ~ live on American Idol 2012, Winner… by HumanSlinky

What do you all think of RiRi’s new look? Love it, hate it, keep it? Let us know!
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