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Lil Kim is one busy lady with her Return of the Queen tour, and she just got more work on her plate. According to Sis2Sis, Lil Kim is convinced that her father, Linwood Jones, has Alzheimer’s disease. And although the doctors have not fully confirmed it, she claims that she ‘knows.’ Her proof? Apparently Linwood cannot make his own food or even dress himself; he practically needs help with everyday tasks. Hmmm, definitely sounds like early stages of Alzheimer’s, does it not?

Despite the unfortunate news, Lil Kim is not going to let life push her around. She says she will take her father into her home and take care of him.That’s going to be a huge challenge for the busy star, but she says being a “child of God,” she is going to take care of her family, no matter the cost.

Do you think Lil Kim can handle being both a star and a caretaker? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

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