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Will Smith Explains Why He Slapped Kissing Reporter

May 23rd, 2012 - Essence

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Small Bite: Will Smith reveals on Dave Letterman why he slapped his Urkanian smoocher. #AwkwardTurtle

Full Platter:

"It's just awkward Dave."  Will Smith told Dave Letterman last night about the unexpected kissing incident he had with Ukranian reporter Vitalii Sediuk. Of course being funny man Will, he retold the story with some humor. Will says the reporter told him he was his biggest fan and asked for a hug, and he added "So I go to give this joker a hug, and he tries to lean in and kiss me!"

Apparently, Vitalii's team had apologized to Mr. Smith, saying it was his "schtick" in which Will responded with "Well, that's why his ass got shtuck." Check out the video below of his conversation with Dave:

This guy...he's been making people laugh since day one! and how does he manage to still look so sexy...Note to all journalists: Don't try to play 7 Minutes In Heaven with Mr. Smith during an interview unless you're looking to get backhanded. 

What do you all think of Will's b*tch slap after hearing his reasoning? Pretty fair or out of line? Share your comments below and check out the full story on Essence here.

Posted by: Hoamy Tran




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