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Snookie Exits ‘Jersey Shore’

May 22nd, 2012 - TMZ

  • Snook
Small Bite: @Snookie makes decision to leave “Shore” house for a healthy pregnancy’s sake. #welcometo #adulthoodSnook

Full Platter:

So many reality shows, so little time. This time though, the report is an  "oh, ok--good for her" type or report, instead of our usual "oh, ok--she ratchet" type headline.

Reality starlet, Snookie,  of Jersey Shore will not be living in the 'Jersey Shore' House for season 6 sources have confirmed. Instead she will be staying at a residence near by.

Seems Mz. 'Bump-it' , is taking her pregnancy very seriously, making the decision to live near the shore house as opposed to IN it, as she doesn't want to be around her roommates and all their "model" behavior while she is pregnant.

Good for you Snook, way to make a responsible decision for you and your unborn child. This shall be one interesting season of the "Shore" though!

What do you all think of Snookie's self eviction? You know what to do. Leave your comments below. Check out the full article on TMZ.

Posted by: Natonia Trammell