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Rest assured, Selena fans. All of Selena Gomez’s tweets and posts will be from Selena only.

Remember Selena Gomez’s online hacker? In 2011, Gareth Crosskey hacked Selena’s Facebook and Twitter account; he is the one who read up on Selena’s personal scoop and found out that she and Justin Bieber were dating–before any of the media did. Gareth’s response? He immediately posted that “Justin Bieber sucks” on her profile. Hmm, jealousy much?

And here’s how good Gareth was at covering his tracks. He posted a Youtube video, bragging about how great he was at breaking into Selena’s account. The FBI got him before he knew it.

Gareth Crosskey is now sentenced to a year in prision, and Selena can finally breathe again. She has stayed pretty quite about this whole fiasco, but I’m sure she’s super relieved that no one’s posing to be her–on her actual account.

What would you do if you were Selena? Would love to see you post below!

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