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Drake Wants To Quit Singing, Start Acting?!

May 22nd, 2012 - Sis2Sis

  • 2009 American Music Awards - Arrivals
Small Bite: Does @Drake really want to ditch the mike for acting now? #Checkitout

Full Platter:

Now that Drake has made a successful life as a singer, maybe he's getting a little bored.

According to Sis2Sis, Drake wants to retire from singing and pursue a career in acting! Even Lil' Wayne has confirmed this rumor, saying that Drake wants to leave the singing stage by the time he's thirty-five.

Is Drake just securing his future plans or following his true dreams? "Maybe I'll just [be] acting or whatever it is," he said, according to Sis2Sis. He doesn't seem too excited about whatever it is that he's going to do, does he? I'm not sure how excited his fans will be if he just decides to do whatever comes up... Maybe this rapper needs a new inspiration to keep him going, whether in the acting or singing world!

Who would you like better--Drake the actor or the singer? Would love to see your thoughts below!

For more on this scoop, be sure to check out the full article on Sis2Sis here!

Posted by: Heeso Kim