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France has issues with the movie ‘Think Like A Man,’ because its cast has predominantly African-American characters, according to recent reports. Should we bother to remind France of the movies the country shows with characters that are predominantly white? Honestly, isn’t this tit-for-tat, black-and-white cultural politics a little exhausting?

Some of France’s populace is known for its reluctance to embrace non-white, French born and raised, peoples as “French.” The idea that anyone can become “French” isn’t one that sits too well with some French people. Thus, there is an irony, isn’t there, that some French official with enough power can force movie theaters not to screen ‘Think Like A Man’…citing “lack of diversity.” It’s no secret France’s struggle with diversifying its citizenry and offering equal social status to all who are French.

In fact, if you’ve wondered why Tyler Perry’s movies don’t make it to French theaters, now you know.

What do you think of this development? Is France right or wrong in banning ‘Think Like A Man?’ Share your thoughts below!

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