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Bono Banks Insane Cash, Thanks To Facebook

May 19th, 2012 - Idolator

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Small Bite: Regret friending this whole time, when you could’ve been #pimpingMarkZuckerberg?

Full Platter:

Bono has now become the richest rocker on earth--and perhaps the smartest too! The savvy investor/musician bought 2.3% of Facebook's shares in 2009 for roughly $90 million.

Guess what? Facebook went public a day ago, and all of its early investors are now cashing in! That $90 million that Bono invested three years ago? It's now worth about $1.5 billion.

To compare, rocker Paul McCartney who is was the richest rocker on earth, is reportedly worth a "measly" $1.05 billion.

Bono has topped Mccartney by tipping his hat off to social media. Bono believed in Facebook. And so do we, so just: "like" or "recommend" this story when you get a chance, and/or just share your thoughts below.

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