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In an amazing development, we have learned that all the traditional actors remaining in this century have no choice but to enter (or at least overlap) the reality TV world. Whether we like it or not, classic actors like Clint Eastwood will be all over reality TV.

Everybody from Niecy Nash to Toni Braxton to the Kardashians (who are also on the same E! network where the Eastwoods will appear) is doing reality. Now, before you get ahead of things, Clint Eastwood is not going to be in every episode of this new reality show. E! will debut the show called Mrs. Eastwood & Company, and will focus the show on the life of Clint Eastwood’s wife and kids–and if he happens to be in some scenes, then fine.

Can’t even believe Clint is being a good sport about this, generally speaking–as in, the name “Eastwood” is in the title of the show…my goodness! Guess the Eastwood brand had to compete in the modern world of entertainment. Will you be watching? Are you excited for this kind of development? Share your thoughts below! For more on this story, catch The Huffington Post here.

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