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Tyra Banks, one of the most successful models ever, thinks she couldn’t have succeeded if she had to start her modeling career today. When she started modeling back in the day, she was a size four.

If you want to model today, you’d better be a size zero. This has caused many eating disorders among models, pressured to keep their waists skeleton-thin. Tyra, appalled by this trend, personally wrote an open letter to the ‘Daily Beast,’ saying that if she had started her career today under the current ‘size zero trend,’ she would have been considered fat. 

Uhmm, fat is the last word that comes to mind when thinking of Tyra. How about fit, curvy, feminine and beautiful?

Rest assured, Tyra is not the only one angered by this ridiculous trend and recent efforts have been made to promote more healthiness among the models. Vogue has outlined a ‘6 point plan,’ no longer using underage models and providing mentoring programs regarding healthy eating and body image. Now that’s more like it!

What do you think about Tyra’s criticism of the ‘size zero’ trend? Be sure to comment below!

Want the full gossip? Click here for Inquisitr’s full article!

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