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My, my, the line between nonchalance and jealousy is thin.

Mariah Carey, when asked about her thoughts on Britney being a judge on ‘X Factor,’ exclaimed, “You think I focus on that stuff? Have we met?” In other words–she couldn’t care less.

Although Mariah claims she doesn’t have any ill feelings for Britney, she couldn’t hide the little green monster of envy. She was, after all, a possible judge for the last season of ‘X Factor.” I guess things just didn’t work out for Mariah.

Hmm, would Mariah have made a better judge than Britney on X Factor? How will Britney respond to this lash-out (if at all)?? Would love to hear your comments below!

Want more gossip? Get the full article here on DailyMail U.K.!


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