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Just when we thought he was only good for screaming some angry lyrics in a microphone (that we could never exactly understand), rapper Waka Flocka was just announced as Vibe Magazine’s new guest editor. Oh word?

In response to landing this new position, he says, “I want to see some new n***** on the cover of VIBE. The real—new generation. The artists that people are really listening to—not who the magazines or interviews are pushing. Young kids want to see young mothaf*****. No disrespect to like the Snoops, T.I.s, Jeezys, Jay-Zs, but kids want to see young mothaf***** on the covers. They tired of seeing the same people. We want to see new faces.” …beautifully said Mr. Flocka Flame. SMH.

The magazine has already gotten some heat for this bold move. One person commented on the site saying, “Don’t editors actually have to be able to read? Next month’s vibe is going to be a coloring book.” Ouch. Let’s hope he takes this job seriously. All this talk about “look ma, no hands,” but it looks like you’re gonna need them hands to be the editor!

How do you guys think Waka Flocka will do as the editor? Share your comments below and check out Vibe for all of the details.

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