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Michelle Obama Urges Women To Be Healthy

May 15th, 2012 - Hello B.

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Small Bite: The First Lady cares for you and your health. #sosweet

Full Platter:

The ever so wise and health conscious First Lady Obama, encourages women to pay more attention to their health during Women's Health week. "The truth is, being a healthy woman isn't about getting on a scale and measuring your waistline--and we can't afford to think that way." She urges women instead to concentrate on how they feel about themselves and eating the right foods.

The revelation came to her during a routine doctor's visit for her daughters, when she recalls telling him what she and her daughters were eating and realizing that their diet, as a family, was not too healthy.

Obama is a long time supporter of childhood obesity awareness and prevention and says parents should keep their kids active and monitor what they eat better.

What a wonderful initiative coming from such a great mom and leader. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below. For full article click here.

Posted by: Natonia Trammell