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Does she ever age?

Jessica Alba, the sexy thirty-one-year-old, shows off her beauty on the cover of ‘Marie Claire.’ In this issue, Jessica goes all the way back to her first appearance in Hollywood with her role in ‘Dark Angel.’ I have to admit, she was probably the sexiest nineteen year old anyone’s ever seen. And it’s true, Jessica herself admits that no one took her serious because she was just “too sexy.”

Don’t get too jealous yet, because Jessica also revealed that she wasn’t too happy with her purely “sexy” look. She wanted to be chic and elegant, and soon became uncomfortable with the sexy image that everyone knew her as.

Over ten years (and two children and a husband) later, Jessica says that she has finally embraced herself as a woman. She can be sexy, chic, elegant–whatever she chooses to be.

What do you think? Has Jessica matured into a fabulous role model? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

Want to read more? Click here for the full article on Hollyscoop!

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