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Oh my goodness, when did he grow up so fast?

The cute and adorable son of Will Smith shows his manly side on a new music video, ‘Give it to Em.’ We already knew that this boy could act (remember ‘The Karate Kid’?) and sing (amazing live duet with Justin Bieber!), but we didn’t quite catch how much he could rap! 

‘Give it to Em’ is Jaden’s first solo song ever at the age of 13. Quite an accomplishment, if you ask me. This shining star has already featured in two other songs with Justin Bieber and casted in several movies over the years.

Should we be surprised? His father is Will Smith, after all. Way to live up to the Smith name!

What do you think of Jaden’s new song? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

Want to read more? Check out the article from AceShowBiz here!

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