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In a world filled with diet-crazed celebs and skinny plastic models, we sure do love a woman who knows how to embrace her curvy figure, and R&B diva Alicia Keys is just that woman. In a recent interview with The Conversation, Keys talks about body image, self-esteem, and the benefits of being a woman.

She believes that women who are “thicker, bigger, and more robust” look better. But of course, she doesn’t feel that our beauty is defined by how we look on the outside. Keys says:

“We’re beautiful because of how your mind works and you’re beautiful because you have this gorgeous heart and that comes from way more than you fitting in some size two dress… I love being a woman…

I think that we as females are like the most beautiful, gorgeous creatures on the world I think that we’re gorgeous no matter what size we are…

I’m grateful that I actually feel like that because I think a lot of us feel we have to be some little, tiny size in order to beautiful.”

Oh Miss Keys, we couldn’t agree with you more! Egypt is a lucky boy to have such smart and beautiful mother. She’s gonna teach you how to respect the women for sure.

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