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Alicia Keys Reveals Motherhood Secrets

May 14th, 2012 - Necole B.

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Small Bite: @AliciaKeys talks about everything from her son to breastfeeding secrets! #wow

Full Platter:

How has the fabulous singer dealt with motherhood?

Alicia Keys talked about her personal experiences as a mother on Lifetime. In short, it has been fabulous. She gushed about the 'secrets' on breastfeeding that no one has ever told her--apparently she was surprised that breastfeeding didn't come completely naturally and required "techniques." Hmmm, good point--I supposed that breastfeeding was just encoded in female genes...

The beautiful singer also gossiped about her favorite sex positions (apparently she's more of a traditional gal') and why she named her son Egypt. Egypt was the place she traveled by herself and had an "eye opening, powerful and re-genitive" experience in; the next thing you know, she couldn't think of a better name for her baby boy.

Alicia, as seen by her TV appearance on Lifetime, definitely seems so much more confident and mature! Is it all the kudos of being a mother?

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Posted by: Heeso Kim