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As you’ve all heard, our amazing President Obama “came out” in support of gay marriage, and some of our readers agree it’s pretty swell that he’s the first president to have done so. Some of our favorite ‘Jersey Shore’ characters, the hot, sexy, adorable Snooki & JWoww also agree.

They appeared on MTV News to express support for Obama’s stance. JWoww said, “I’m glad that he did it — better late than never.”

Snooki, who’s planning to marry her fiance Jionni, knows the importance of marriage rights for everyone. She said that she and JWoww “have a lot of friends; and [JWoww’s] best friend is gay. I have a lot of friends who are gay…they need to be equal because they are amazing friends.”

Well then, everyone’s amazing together: kumbaya. What are your thoughts on these two? Love them? Looking forward to their new show? Share with us below!

For more on this story, check out MTV News here.

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