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Nicki Minaj has been one busy lady, especially with the new endorsement deal with Pepsi.

But she made time for national television on ‘The Ellen Show’!  She actually looked elegant and oddly normal in a hot-pink ballerina dress. Maybe that’s because she’s not wearing one of her usual, racy costumes.

After promoting the Pepsi Global Campaign, Nicki revealed some personal secrets to Ellen DeGeneres, like being afraid of heights. And wanting a baby–what? That’s right, Nicki Minaj is ready to be a mommy and sees herself settling down with a baby in the next five years.

Just picture it–a Nicki Minaj, Jr. in matching hot pink outfits with her mommy…

What do you think? Can Nicki handle mommy duty? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

Want more? Check out the video from Necole Bitchie here!

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