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Yet again, a celebrity has decided to take to Twitter to voice issues with another fellow celebrity. Sigh. U.K. songstress, Leona Lewis, expressed her disdain this week for Kanye West’s song ‘Way Too Cold’ formerly titled ‘Theraflu’. In the track Kanye makes references to dragging minks on the floor and the avid PETA supporter was livid.

She called his song “awful” via Twitter and chastised him for being proud of such a thing. She even went as far as to tweet: “I take all my love for him back!” Woah.

Well, we all know Kanye has no respect of person…literally. Therefore I am sure he is not phased. SMH.

Do y’all have love for Kanye? Or do you support the lovely Ms. Lewis’ point of view? For full article click here.

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