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It seems like the ladies on ‘Desperate Housewives’ have not managed to get along, even after eight years!

During an interview with David Letterman, Eva Longoria denied the rumors about the “public feud” among the leading ladies.

Although Eva denied the rumors, her smile was just a little wide and plastered. Apparently the leading ladies made a carry-on luggage card for all the crew members, but “accidentally” left out Teri Hatcher’s name. This really isn’t the first time leaving out Teri in the cold; many sources over the years have reported that Teri is unpopular with her co-stars.

Despite the rumors, Eva dazzled David Letterman with cute laughs, saying that the there is no sense of competition between the cast.

You were never good at hiding secrets, Eva–at least, not as Gabby Solis on the show!

What do you think–is Eva telling the truth or not? Be sure to comment below!

Want the full gossip? Check it out here from Daily Mail U.K.!

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