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The amazing relationship building effects of Twitter have struck again! In a recent radio interview with TV/radio personality Sway, Dawn Richard, former member of hit group Danity Kane and ex boo of Q from Day 26, sheds light on their breakup and being a real couple in the industry.

The ever so humble, down-to-earth Ms. Richard had this to say about a 2010 proposal made to her, by then long-time boyfriend Q, on Twitter:

” I think Twitter is the devil. Twitter is the devil! It’s like a hard thing because I think he was just excited about being in a relationship and I think we were both excited about it. He didn’t understand that we were being a normal couple and he didn’t understand that everything we were doing was being magnified to another place because we were already on TV. I think he was just like, ‘I love this girl and I want to marry her’ and I think people literally took that to a whole ‘other thing and it became something way more than it already was.”

She continues to talk about her exit from the relationship after his infidelity and how she has moved on. What do you think of this? Leave your comments in the section below. For full article visit Necole Bitchie here.


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