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5 Signs That It’s Time To Move On

May 8th, 2012 - TDM

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Small Bite: Are you hopelessly clinging to a dead-end relationship? #endoftheroad

Full Platter:

Spring has finally arrived and the warm weather beckons. Those heavy sweaters and winter caps will be packed away to make room for your spring wardrobe.

Much like your closet, it may be time to give your love life a makeover. Are you stuck in a dead-end relationship? Here are a few signs that you should start working on an exit strategy.

1. Physical abuse - bedroom play aside, no one has the right to batter you physically or emotionally. This is the sign of someone with serious issues and you put your life and well-being at risk the longer you stick around. Seek help immediately.

2. Lack of contact - if you think back to when the two of you first started dating, he sent multiple text messages and called or emailed all of the time. Lately, you're lucky if he calls anytime during the week to check in. Have you addressed the issue and given him time to improve? Well if nothing has changed, it's time for you to lose contact with him. There are plenty of ways to get in touch that don't take any time at all.

3. What future? - you have been in a long term relationship with no signs of proceeding to the next level. Have you voiced your concerns? When you ask where the relationship is headed, does he start sweating more than a gambler in church?  Hyperactive sweat glands aside, your lover appears to have commitment phobia. Don't keep waiting for him to make up his mind, all you're doing is putting your love life on hold.

4. Stuck on repeat - are you having chronic relationship issues?  I am not referring to the occasional disagreement; it is normal for people to have different opinions and it can be healthy to engage in that sort of dialogue.  I mean serious verbal confrontations that repeat themselves more than your local radio station plays songs by Drake. When you spend more time fighting than enjoying each others company, it's time to get this broken record off repeat and hit NEXT!

5. Infidelity - Cheating is a selfish act, and should immediately be a deal breaker. There are some who choose to stick around, but it just sets you up for more heartbreak while reinforcing his bad behavior. Truth be told, he can't possibly be a good lover to you if he's preoccupied with a double life; seeing his mistress and coming up with convincing lies takes way too much energy.  Don't drag your feet when infidelity is an issue; it must be dealt with immediately.


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