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Opening Night Of ''Dreamgirls'' - Arrivals And Curtain Call

The handsome America’s Best Dance Crew host can’t get enough of his daughter.

Mario Lopez said in an interview that his daughter, Gia Francesca Lopez is simply “amazing.” He loves everything about fatherhood because it “compliments [my] life in every way.” He loves it so much, in fact, that he can’t wait to have more children with his girlfriend Laine Mazza.

Hmm, at this rate they’re going to have another baby before saying their vows!

Lopez revealed his wedding plans, saying that he’s busy planning the reception while Laine is in charge of the ceremony.  It’s going to be a traditional wedding in Mexico with all his relatives and friends.

Looks like Lopez is building up a lovely family for himself!

What do you think–will Mario and Laine have child #2 before their wedding? Post your thoughts below!

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