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Halle Berry Hates The Paps, Plans To Move

April 26th, 2012 - Extra

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Small Bite: To protect her family from the media, @HalleBerry considers moving to France #takethatpaps

Full Platter:

Heads up, paparazzis--Halle Berry doesn't like you.

At the Jenesse Center's Silver Rose Gala, Halle said that she is seriously considering relocation to another country like France.

Why? Because in France, the strict media laws would allow Halle and her family to have a "normal" life and not be socially exploited as celebrities like they are in the U.S.

Most importantly, she wants to protect her little girl. She says that children shouldn't have to experience running away from photographers who are hiding behind the bushes.

True, true--could not agree more, Halle.

What do you think? Will Halle be desperate enough to emigrate to France? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

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Posted by: Heeso Kim