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Now she can spend more time practicing her “accent”, instead of worrying about Gabe’s tired face! As confirmed on the Season Two Reunion of the ‘Braxton Family Values’, Trina has filed for divorce. Borrring. We saw this coming and so did you.

We wonder how long it will take for Trina to get back into the dating game? Our guess? Not long! The Braxton sisters are a strong family unit and so it comes as no surprise that Trina still supports and stands by Gabe through his sex addiction as they try to raise their two children together.

What we really want to find out, is what Tamar “The She” Braxton has to say about all of this! It would definitely make more of an interesting read than this stale bag of chips.We’ve watched Trina’s marriage tank through the last two seasons and we’re all just done with all of it. Do what makes you happy Tri Tri!

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