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The German supermodel and host of ‘Project Runway,’ has reportedly handed her British hubby his papers. The two have been married for six years and have three biological children. Heidi has a daughter from a previous relationship and is said to seek legal custody of the four children.

Not to worry ladies, Ms. Klum has an established career in fashion and business in addition to her philanthropic endeavors. She has been a spokesmodel for various brands, a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated and a lingerie model for Victoria’s Secret, hosting several of VS’s famed fashion shows! Surely, Seal will miss the fittings…

We certainly hate to see any marriage end in divorce. We did appreciate watching these two celebs romance one another and dote over their kiddies. Heidi and Seal were famous for renewing their wedding vows before friends and family EVERY YEAR! 

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For more on the pending divorce, click here.


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