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Wowsers! If rumors have it correctly, Sheree Whitfield of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ will not be returning next season. Granted, her story line was not exactly fireworks, but neither was any of their story lines. Season four of RHOA was entirely too long, too boring, irritating with the addition of Marlo to cast (temporarily we hope), and just too extra in some instances. Meanwhile, Kandi Burruss gets her own show?

Er, are we missing something? How is Kandi any more…? Anyhoo, reportedly Sheree was flown to New York by BRAVO executives, only to be told that her contract would not be renewed. Let’s just watch what happens live, as BRAVO says. We’re not believing this rumor until the new season is teased.

And lord, please let the new season be better than this past one–and put Marlo back in the bowl of classlessness from whence she came. All the money in the world couldn’t repair that girl. Share your thoughts below.

For more on this story, grab Sister 2 Sister’s article here.

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