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Kris Humphries Poses For Sexy Photoshoot

April 5th, 2012 - HW Life

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Small Bite: @KrisHumphries may be having divorce issues, but he still wants to feel sexy!

Full Platter:

He's taken off his clothes, ladies (and gentlemen)!

The ex of Kim Kardashian, who was notoriously married to her for 72 days, has decided to pose suggestively and exclusively for Hollwood Life magazine.

He's definitely flexing his muscles in more ways than one, because he's giving Kim K. a hard time in divorce negotiations (no pun on "hard"--get your minds out of the gutter), and he's having fun...hoping that Kim regrets her decision, maybe? Subconsciously?

Share your thoughts on Kris below. And, be sure to check out his full photo spread at Hollywood Life here.

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