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So. We thought rumors of Kanye messing around with Kim Kardashian might have been speculation, until Amber Rose came out and confirmed that yes, indeed, Kanye and Kim had a thing going on. (Why is Kim Kardashian’s name everywhere, by the way? That’s a whole separate issue).

In any case, Kanye’s new song, “Theraflu” has confirmed that he is/was in love Kim K., and that other guys keep taking his leftovers–though he has respect for Wiz Khalifa. He does say in his lyrics that he fell for Kim K. at the same time that Amber fell for Wiz.

GEE “WIZ,” indeed, people–this whole ordeal is like a soap opera! What do you think of Kanye’s new song and lyrics and drama? Follow the link to listen to the song and share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Read more from MTV here.

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