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It was the commercial that made a roar–but not necessarily in a good way. Burger King had featured R&B/hip-hop/soul icon, Mary J. Blige in a jingle about chicken that was supposed to help them garner attention to their brand, but instead brought them, and Mary, an onslaught of criticism.

Burger King apologized to Mary J. Blige for the fiasco, and pulled the ad from the airwaves, not because of the public backlash–or so they claimed, but because, as Mary also acknowledged: “the spot was not even properly finished.” Besides, they faced music licensing issues. They intend on re-releasing the ad.

Hmmmkay, well here’s to everybody getting his or her act together the next time around. What are your thoughts on the commercial?

Read (and watch) the full coverage of this foolerism here on HuffPost Entertainment.

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