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The gorgeous Beyonce lives a super-private life with hubby, Jay-Z, but the pair has been opening up to the world just a little more lately! Maybe it’s the birth of Blue Ivy that makes it hard for them to contain their joy so privately. Beyonce uncharacteristically released a set of pictures showing her while she was pregnant, and during different times of her personal life.

She released these photos on her Twitter page (@Beyonce), which she had never used before, even though she had 3 million followers, and she re-launched her website and Tumblr pages. Wow, getting technologically savvy are we? We better, because when Blue Ivy grows up, that precious baby will have all sorts of technological wit about her. Awwww, how could you not love Beyonce for sharing? In any case, share your thoughts below.

Catch more of her sweet, adorable pics at The YBF here.

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