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As you know, Olbermann was the anchor of a nightly show on MSNBC called ‘Countdown With Keith Olbermann.’ It ran for eight years.

In 2011, he split with MSNBC possibly over some political contributions, but sources say that MSNBC had long dealt with Olbermann’s other antics.

Olbermann moved to Current TV to host ‘Countdown,’ but – he’s been fired for a few days now.

He’ll appear on David Letterman’s late night show this Tuesday on CBS to tell his side of the story. You should know though that anonymous sources at Current TV say that Olbermann did over-the-top, divaesque things like change his car service eight times because some of his drivers smelled and talked to him.

Alrighty then, share your thoughts on this extraness below, please. And catch more of this story on The Hollywood Reporter.

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