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Sure Khloe’s husband, Lamar Odom, has been struggling on the basketball court (he even faced being sent to the D League at one point, before his team managers came to their senses). Lamar thinks that being on reality television does nothing to help his professional, and maybe even personal life–a.k.a. marriage–with Khloe, reportedly. But, divorce? We thinksss not!

Khloe has taken to Twitter to refute any stankalicious rumors that she and Lamar are going their separate ways. The pair got married within a month of meeting each other and have stayed married for two years–which is longer than most Hollywoodians can say. So, kudos to Khloe (one of the koolest Kardashians), and good luck to Lamar, but we certainly don’t think these two will be splitting up any time soon.

They are amazing together, and if they do split up, we’ll be hurt like a basketball player who’s just been slammed in the shins. Yep, that kinda hurt. Okey dokes, share your thoughts on this lil story in the Comments section below. To read more, catch the coverage on Hollywood Life here.

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