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Google And T-Mobile Celebrate The Launch Of Google Music At Mr. Brainwash Studio In Los Angeles - Inside

Yikes. So Steve Urkel, real name Jaleel White, has landed a new show on the SyFy channel, as well as a highly visible role on ‘Dancing With The Stars.’

Coincidentally, he says, his ex-girlfriend with whom he fought a bitter custody battle in 2010 has been talking to a certain tabloid magazine (uhm, Star) about Jaleel. She told the tabloid that Jaleel slammed her against the toilet and hit her across the chest.

He says that she has a knack for timing when it comes to smearing his name, since she’s trying to do it now that he’s successful. For more of his defense against her claims, you can catch the full report in People magazine here.

What do you think of this situation? Oh, men. Literally and figuratively.

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