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Zoe Saldana & Bradley Cooper End Relationship

March 29th, 2012 - E!

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Small Bite: Wowsers! A surprise breakup–right smack dab in spring season. Who’da thunk?

Full Platter:

There comes a time in a Hollywood, really: any time and every time, when a super-popular hookup between two super-popular people must come to an end. Whether that ending is dramatic or quiet is left to the couple.

This pair, actors Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper have quietly and unceremoniously ended their little romantic thing-thing. Strange, considering Zoe was pictured with Bradley's mom like, last month - hello?

Anyhoo, the two reportedly ended their romance amicably, but if you want more of the details to this story, you'll need to read here.

What do you think of this breakup? Fab or drab? Comment below.

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