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Shaquille O’Neal has been dating his boo, “Hoopz” from ‘Flavor of Love’–yes, the weird reality show that featured Flava Flav in a quest to find errmmm…we’ll just call it love…although some might call it ass.

In any case, Shaq as you know left the mother of his children, Shaunie O’Neal–or she left him, whatever–they broke up, and found love with Hoopz, who’s less than half his size because his ass is so huge (literally and figuratively). So far, so good. They look cute together, and everything’s been copacetic with these two, so you can imagine when Shaq came on Sway’s radio show and Sway asked him whether he and Hoopz were still together, Shaq was annoyed.

He confirmed that he’s still with Hoopz and that people need to stop talking the hot mess–because the two of them are still getting it on.

Mmm…well, speaking of talking that hot mess, what do you think of his relationship with Hoopz? *chuckle*

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