Lala Anthony Denies Open Marriage Rumor

Lala Anthony, wife of, New York Knicks player, Carmelo Anthony, denies rumors of an open marriage with her husband and whispers of an affair with his assistant during a radio interview earlier this week.

“That girl doesn’t even believe in sex before marriage”, Lala disclosed about Carmelo’s assistant in an interview with New York’s Power 105.1. “When everybody was bringing it up, it just brought more attention to it, but I’m not an insecure person,”she continued.

Last year,  it was rumored that Carmelo Anthony had a secret child and that Lala allegedly gave him permission to pursue mistresses. What was her response to this in the interview? “Not in my marriage. It ain’t no hall pass. There’s no open relationship.”

We hope your words are true Lala because like Will and Jada, we are rooting for you and Carmelo! For more info on this article please click here.

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