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TDM - Allen Iverson sixers

Just weeks ago, Tawanna wanted a list of all of the ‘ladies’ Mr. Iverson bedded during the marriage… Now, Allen claims the two have taken overt steps to reconcile, beginning in November 2011. This reconciliation is said to include, cohabitation AND sexual relations.

This little guy has proven that he’s got game… Recently signing with a team in the Dominican Republic, Iverson left the NBA in 2010, playing part of that year in Turkey. He was the NBA’s MVP in 2001, when he led the Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA Finals. Iverson averaged an impressive 26 points per game in 14 seasons in the league.  Despite, all of these accomplishments, many fans are shaking their heads. Iverson earned over 200 million in his career, and rumors are rampant that he’s suffering financially.  The 36-year -old couldn’t get a single NBA team to pick him up at the end of his career. Many see Iverson’s present state of financial affairs and employment as a complete tragedy.  We do wish him well…

Did Tawanna see the writing on the wall?  Let’s just hope Iverson isn’t using those mind-boggling on-the-court moves to lull his wifey into forgiveness.  Click here for more on the Iverson divorce action.

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