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Supermodel Naomi Campbell, 41, has been dating beau Vladimir Doronin (dubbed the “Russian Donald Trump”) since 2008.

Now, Naomi could be cited by Vladimir’s estranged wife, Ekaterina, as the reason for her divorce from Vladimir–after 24 years of marriage.

But HOLD UP, says Naomi Campbell, according to U.K.’s Daily Mail.┬áVladimir and his wife Ekaterina had been separated for 10 years before she and Vladimir began dating. And, Vladimir even had a previous seven-year relationship with another woman before he met Naomi, according to Daily Mail’s reports.

Looks like Naomi doesn’t want to be associated with home-wrecking. But, really–what took Vladimir’s divorce so long? Did he stall on divorcing his wife because he’s a billionaire, and it’s “cheaper to keep her?”

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Read more about Vladimir, his wife, and their 14-year-old daughter here.

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