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‘Basketball Wives’ Royce Tells Jen To Protect Herself

March 24th, 2012 - Sis2Sis

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Small Bite: In the latest episode of Basketball Wives, the ladies’ attempt at a civilized outing turns cringe-worthy!

Full Platter:

Blame it on the a-l-c-o-h-o-l?  History dictates that any two of these ladies will resort to fighting, if they spend enough time together.

The BBWs gathered in Miami in honor of Shaunie O’Neal’s birthday, and, the dinner, held at Phillipe Chow, took a turn for the worst after a few toasts.

Apparently, Evelyn and Jen got into a verbal argument that turned physical when Evelyn allegedly hit Jen on her head with her clutch.  Royce thinks Jennifer needs self-defense training. It seems Jen did little to protect herself when Evelyn proceeded to charge her. What did you think of the chaos? Share your thoughts below!

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Posted by: B. Ahonkhai