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The exes of has-beens and not-so-A-listers dominate shows like VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ and all the other “wives” shows on television. Random girlfriends of a few months or years–who have never actually been wives–star on shows with titles that end in “wives.” But, look out mediocrity! Real powerhouse women will be starring in a brand new reality series called “Hollywood Exes,” to air this summer on VH1.

Let’s see whom VH1 has tapped to act the fool (or not) on the “Hollywood Exes” show:

Nicole Murphy, ex-wife of powerhouse comedian and A-Lister, Eddie Murphy: check.

Jessica Canseco, ex wife of Jose Canseco: check.

Sheree Fletcher, ex wife of Will Smith: check.

Mayte Garcia: ex wife of Prince: check and…last but not least… Andrea Kelly, ex wife of alleged pedophile R. Kelly: check.

I guess when you’re an ex-wife of a super-super-super starruh, you do need a check to keep you afloat. And what a way to make it, ladies…heyyyy! Thank you, VH1 for bringing us the juicy juice of real exes of actual superstars. And thank you, most importantly, for CALLING them exes, not “wives.”

Will you be tuning in for this VH1 magic this summer? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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